Freedom of Information (FOI) / Right to know

The processes needed to manage FOI requests ( or ‘right-to-know’ ) are provided by the Trinogy solution which can be tailored to meet the needs of the site with full control over the workflow for handling these requests.


The FOI or ‘right-to-know’ solution from Trinogy supports the workflow and process needs of entities looking to deliver an off-the-shelf solution which is easily customised for legislative requirements without programming. The entry of a request is a site-customised form, which begins the workflow defined by the site and can include tasks such as the automatic generation of documents (such as filing notification), recording of time (chargeable or none), costs, and notes with synchronisation with the users Outlook calendar/tasks.

Key targets or request events can be created by the solution for action and follow up and comprehensive reporting shows all current requests and upcoming actions.

Using the powerful iManage document system, any content found in any form or location such as MS Sharepoint repositories, Windows file servers, local drives, MS Exchange or other data sources can be retained and provided to requestors in any format ( eg zip file, PDF).