iManage Export Tool

The iManage Export tool allows a user to export a Workspace or a Folder.


All versions of a document or just the latest version can be exported. Documents that are checked out in iManage can be either skipped or also exported. The file name of the exported documents can be set to use just the description or a combination of the description and document/version number or just the document/version number. 

The user can select the types of documents (eg. Word documents, Excel documents) to export, or export all documents in the workspace/folder. Once an export is initiated all files that are exported are logged for easy tracing of exports. 

The screenshots below show a folder structure under a workspace, and its equivalent exported folder structure.

Key Features

  • Export Workspace or Folders
  • Elect all versions or latest version of a document
  • Supports DeskSite or FileSite
  • Extensive reporting.