Our decade’s long partnership with iManage, then Interwoven, then Autonomy, then HP and back to iManage has provided us with many tools to aid our iManage clients to drive improved value and benefit from their investment in iManage. Some of these tools include functions such as;

WorkSpace designer

WorkSpace Designer is a tool to automate the creation and life-cycle management of Workspaces in synchronisation with the major line-of-business application such as a practice management system.

Soft Delete

Soft Delete is a tool that is designed to allow users to delete unwanted or duplicate documents from iManage whilst still allowing administrators to maintain control over the full deletion of these documents.

Document recovery tool

The Document recovery tool (DRT) provides an automated process that monitors all changed or updated documents in a iManage installation, and stores these changed documents into a separate file store for subsequent individual end-user recovery. End-users, accessing DRT via a web browser, can list all documents held on their be-half in the DRT file store and request that a particular document revision (i.e. backup copy of the document at a point in time) is to be recovered.

Document approval

Using the Document approval tool, a secretary, assistant or colleague can send a request for the document to be approved by the appropriate person by either right clicking on it in FileSite and selecting the Send for Approval option, or they can click the Send for Approval option in Microsoft Word while the document is open. An email with a link to the document is sent to the appropriate person, requesting approval. The approver can then open the document and just approve the document or approve the document and send the document to intended recipient or next approver in the approval process at the same time.


When an iManage document needs to be assigned to multiple matters/cases the user can right click on the document in iManage and select the ‘Assign to multiple Matters ( or Cases)’ option. This option then provides the user a screen to enter the matter/case reference or browse for additional matters/cases to save the document against. A link to the original document will be saved against these additional matters/cases which will open the original document when the link is opened. Read more about MultiLink here.

Many other tools are available from Trinogy that extend the power of WorkSite into systems such as scanning you, workflow or CRM as examples. Contact us for any enquiry on your specific requirements.