Legal case management software solution

Simple to use yet highly advanced, WorkView is Trinogy’s Legal Case Management software solution for corporate legal, general counsel and law firms.

Enabling comprehensive legal case management entirely from within MS Outlook, WorkView lets sites define the data needed to record and track a legal case or matter throughout its life-cycle.

Pre-defined functions of WorkView can be specified, and include such tasks as;

  • creating/editing a matter
  • recording billable or non-billable time
  • viewing legal matter information
  • reports, cost tracking
  • notes and task/event processing
  • all synchronised with MS Outlook calendar and tasks.

Visit the WorkView page to learn more about Trinogy's legal case management software and key features.

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legal case management software


  • Reduced costs: Operate a fully electronic legal case file with no need for paper
  • Flexible: Integrates with all document and legal practice management systems
  • No training required: Operates entirely from within the familiar MS Outlook interface
  • Simple configuration: No programming required
  • Customisable: Software functions can be defined according to user security settings
  • User friendly: Simple yet comprehensive legal case management
  • Improved productivity: Reduces time spent searching for files relating to each matter