Record & document management

Satisfying the most demanding requirements for standards compliant EDRMS, the Trinogy solution built on iManage, is used by all levels of government and commercial enterprises.

The Trinogy records and document management solution, built on the world-leading iManage product, delivers standards compliant EDRMS in popular email clients such as MS Oulook or Lotus Notes.

Trinogy’s version of iManage supporting records and document management can be integrated with major ‘line-of-business’ systems such as core accounting or practice management applications.

The solution is compliant with many current standards governing EDRMS such as DOD501.2, ISO15489, ISO16587 and many others.

End-users interact with the solution via their familiar email client, MS Outlook or Lotus Notes, and can store all forms of electronic files (text, images, movies, audio etc) as welll as requesting operations on the matching physical file such as determining who has the file, requesting the file or noting movement of the file.

Records administrators are provided with extensive tools to define and control the standards relating to file creation, sentencing and dispoal.

Optional modules provide a barcode device interface for off-line file auditing using a bar-code scanner as well as online reconciliation of file location and status.

The system creates an electronic and optional physical file when the file (matter/case/project etc) is generated and this file provides secure storage of all matter content such as Word documents, spreadsheets, PDF’s, emails and so on. Physical media can be defined by the site (Folder, binder, box etc) and is linked to the electronic file. Email management lets users automatically save outbound and inbound emails thus freeing up storage of email content in mailboxes and making finding emails and attachments easy and promptly.


Spoor & Fisher case study

Spoor & Fisher saves time and space with document management system from Trinogy Systems. Read the case study

Key Features

  • Operates in MS Outlook or Lotus Notes
  • Simple end-user interface
  • Supports most EDRMS standards
  • Leverages the power of iManage for the electronic file
  • Reduces time and cost of handling electronic and paper files.